Dingo Double-D Billet Aluminum LS1 Adapter Plates

The Dirty Dingo Motorsports “Double-D” LSx engine adapter plates are machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and are designed as a true “bolt in” adapter plate. Designed to be used with 1958-72 GM cars and 2WD GM Trucks. These conversion plates will place your LS engine in the correct position when swapping from a small or big block Chevrolet engine to a LS series engine. These plates are designed with three motor mount placement holes. The first set of holes position the LS engine in the original bell housing position, next ones are 3/4 inch forward, and the last set position the LS engine 1 ¾  inches forward from the original bell housing position. No other conversion plates on the market are designed like these. Includes left and right adapter plates and all necessary grade-8 hardware.

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